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Miami Heat Eastern Conference Future Props

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The NBA's futures betting market is back and Sports Illustrated is breaking down a gambling guide for the Miami Heat. As the NBA approaches a restart the Miami Heat has had a chance for its players to get healthy but will that be enough? The roster is made up of a lot of young inexperienced players leaving many to question how they will fare in the playoff bubble? Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by Fantasy and Gambling Analyst Corey Parson for insight on how far the Heat may go in the Eastern Conference.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: The NBA's futures betting markets are back and Sports Illustrated is giving you a gambling guide on the Miami Heat. Joining me now is SI's fantasy and gambling analyst Corey Parson. Corey, the Heat have a young roster, so how do you think they will handle the playoff bubble?


Corey Parson: Well, listen, it's going to be tough especially for a young team like that going into a different situation post-pandemic. Now what you see that's going on is a lot of these players are starting to get healthy in this time that they head off over the past three months or so. So they do have a lot of young guys on that team with no playoff experience; Guys like Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn and Bam Adebayo. What they do have is a very strong head coach, Erik Spoelstra. So I think I think the Miami Heat to be very competitive.

Kaitlin O'Toole: All right, well, you mentioned them being healthy, which is a good start, but how far do you think they'll go in the Eastern Conference?


Corey Parson: Listen, this is what I do right now in the prop bet for the Miami Heat to win the Eastern Conference +150. Do I think they're going to win the Eastern Conference? Of course not. But I will put a little something on it at +850. Here's the bottom line of the matter is this: Right now, there are only two games out of the three seed. If they can get to the three seed, which means in the second round of the playoffs, they'll avoid the Milwaukee Bucks. They get to the conference finals just has just hedged a bet against the Bucks and go the other way, and you have a cash-in. That's how you play that one right there. So to answer that, yes, I will sprinkle something on the Miami Heat at +850.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Way to break down the sprinkle. Corey, you're the best at this. That's why they call it a fantasy. Exec. Thanks so much for your insight.