Nine Fun Facts About Mike Trout's New $430 Million Contract With Angels

So just how much money is $430 million?
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Mike Trout is about to get PAID paid.

The two-time AL MVPreportedly agreed to a contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels that will pay him more than $430 million over the next 12 seasons. And since everybody loves to pocket watch in our society, there has been a lot of discussion about all the money Trout is going to be making.

That got us thinking: Just how much money is $430 million?

Enough to buy the (2003) Angels ... Twice

The amount needed to laugh at Bryce Harper's deal with the Phillies ...

And the idea of leaving Southern California to return to the North East

More than the greatest golfers could ever make on the course

Or MLS teams are worth

And some NHL teams

He will be the richest fish in the sea

Basically worth an entire country

But it's too much to start a super team in Florida

You get it. $430 million is a lot of money.