Josh Donaldson Homers After Ripping White Sox's Giolito for Sticky Substance Use

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Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson has never been shy about speaking his mind. On Wednesday, he backed up his talk with another moonshot.

One day after homering off of White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito—and then criticizing him for allegedly using sticky substances in the past to illegally increase his grip—Donaldson again went deep off of Dylan Cease in his first at-bat of the game.

Donaldson took a moment to admire his work on Wednesday, which isn't exactly a surprise given his comments earlier in the day.

"What do we know about this sticky substance? What does it do, what does it help with? It helps with spin rate," Donaldson said before noting how Giolito's spin rate has declined since the league decided to crack down on policing the use of foreign substances.

"If we're gonna talk about class, what side are you gonna choose? Are you gonna take the side of someone who's playing the game fair? Or are you gonna take the side of somebody who was probably cheating before this happened?"

After taking Giolito deep on Tuesday, Donaldson yelled, "He's not sticky anymore!" after crossing home plate. Giolito took issue with those comments after the game.

“He’s a f---ing pest," Giolito said. "That’s kind of a classless move. If you’re gonna talk sh--, talk sh-- to my face. You’re gonna go cross home plate and do all that? Just come to me. It’s just annoying. We won. The W’s next to my name. They’re in last place.”

The two teams will face off 11 more times after Wednesday's game, so don't expect tensions to cool off any time soon.

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