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Lou Williams expected to finish his career with the LA Clippers. He went on record numerous times during his stay with the team that he would not play anywhere else. After spending a significant amount of his career being traded, and never feeling as if he had found a permanent home, Lou felt as if he had that with the Clippers. Then the team unexpectedly traded him for Rajon Rondo.

In an Instagram post from Lou the next day, he started his caption by saying, "I thought about retiring yesterday." He had repeatedly said over the years that he would retire if dealt from the Clippers, and it seemed as if those thoughts were very real for him in that moment. While Lou ultimately suited up for the Hawks, and ended up starting two games in the Eastern Conference Finals, he recently admitted that he was indeed close to retiring.

Lou Williams recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, and discussed a multitude of topics. When asked about that trade from the Clippers, Lou said that "I kinda cried a little bit... I just felt like I had put so much time, energy, and effort into creating this special place in LA. I felt like I owed that to the Clipper fans. I wanted to do that for that fanbase."

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Lou Williams is an undisputed Clippers legend. When the team moved on from the Lob City era, he was the primary reason they never bottomed out. Many expected the Clippers to be one of the league's worst teams during that re-build, but Lou was simply too dominant to let that happen.

While Lou was unable to finish his career with the Clippers as he planned, his last stop will seemingly be in his hometown of Atlanta. If his career comes to an end after this season, he will leave the NBA as its all-time leading bench scorer. The Clippers and their fans were lucky to have a front row seat to that show for three and a half seasons.

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