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Dyson Daniels, E.J. Liddell All Smiles Getting NBA2K Scans

Dyson Daniels (ankle) and E.J. Liddell (knee) have both, unfortunately, had medical scans end their NBA Summer League experience. They were all smiles for NBA2K though.

The New Orleans Pelicans will not get any further looks at their 2022 NBA Draft class during the NBA's Summer League action. Unfortunately, Dyson Daniels (ankle), E.J. Liddell (ACL), and Karlo Matkovic (hand) will all be sidelined for various lengths of time. Though gloomy MRIs were the end of Daniels and Liddell's Las Vegas playing experience, the rookies were all smiling when getting their NBA2K scans.

Jose Alvardo sneakily dropped that he "has a 92 on 2K!" when joining Daniels and Liddell for the gaming scans. The highly ranked attribute is most likely related to awareness and steals. The playoff veteran is now a marketable star but earned those stripes against Chris Paul's top-seeded Phoenix Suns. The newly drafted rookies will have to work for Alvarado's GTA- level of cultural recognition.

Daniels "told all of my friends when I was younger, I was going to be in this game. To finally get them scans done and know that my face is going to be in it, that's huge for me. I can't wait to play."

Daniels will have to wait until training camp to start showing his talents again. New Orleans will play it safe with the 2022 8th overall pick after a twisted ankle just eight minutes into his professional debut.

Liddell said the experience of making all the faces for NBA2K "was crazy. I've been playing 2K for as long as I can remember. I was really in there just super excited. On a scale of like, one to ten, it was 15 just getting the experience and having fun."

Sadly, recent MRI results revealed a torn ACL. However, Liddell has taken to social media to show his appreciation for the support and his resolve to come back from the rehabilitation process stronger than ever. During his downtime, Liddell can work on boosting some ratings in NBA2K. 

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