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Jae Crowder Labeled Trade Target for Chicago Bulls

Could the Chicago Bulls be a fit for Jae Crowder? Bleacher Report believes so.

The Phoenix Suns have long been in the hunt to send Jae Crowder packing for good after a tumultuous offseason between the two sides. 

Multiple insiders suggest a trade is imminent, and there's a sea of potential suitors to land Crowder's talents. 

Should the Chicago Bulls be included in that? Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley says so. 

In a recent article piecing together three trade targets for the Bulls, Crowder was named with the following explanation:

Jae Crowder Labeled as Trade Target for Chicago Bulls

Booker Crowder

"Jae Crowder has the size to bang with bigger forwards and enough quickness to keep in front of the speedier ones. His three-ball isn't the surest around (career 34.6 percent), but it seems like it's there when he needs it. He's played in a pair of conference finals, an NBA Finals and 107 playoff games overall," said Buckley.

"For a Bulls team that isn't sure what Patrick Williams can be or whether they can squeeze enough offense out of Javonte Green, they almost certainly must be paying close attention to Crowder's situation in Phoenix.

"Both he and the Suns are ready for a fresh start apart from one another, but his trade market is tricky. Win-now shoppers have plenty of interest, but they don't have the win-now pieces to send back to Phoenix. Chicago, however, could have a workaround by sending a long-term asset like Coby White to a rebuilder, who then sends a win-now piece or two back to the Suns.

"The Bulls haven't had enough consistency or two-way play on the wings. Crowder could provide both, and his experience should allow for a swift, smooth transition."

There have been plenty of teams interested in Crowder's services, but Chicago has not been one of the notorious ones listed. 

The Suns are in search for "the right" package in exchange for the power forward, although debate continues to rage on what precisely that would be. 

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