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Where does Lindy Waters III Fit into the Roster Crunch?

Is Lindy Waters III's roster spot safe in OKC?
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Lindy Waters III has played his way through the Oklahoma City Blue and was able to make his eventual NBA debut last season. Waters is a Native American who has played his entire basketball career in Oklahoma, and it only makes sense that his NBA debut came in an Oklahoma City Thunder jersey.

The Oklahoma State alumni made an incredible jump from playing with the Enid Outlaws of The Basketball Tournament, to playing with the Oklahoma City Blue, which ultimately led to him joining the Thunder on a two-way contract.

Waters II brings one of the most pure jump shots and consistent efforts that the Thunder will see. The safest spot for Waters will likely be on a two-way contract because there are different prospects that Sam Presti and the​​ Thunder would rather give a guaranteed contract to.

On a two-way contract, Waters will be able to continue getting reps with the Blue and stay ready. If for some reason the roster is stretched thin, Waters is a perfect player to call up and use for however long needed, as he understands the offense and plays within the system well.

For the Thunder, retaining Waters, even if on a two-way contract, is a testament to their loyalty, and is a good establishment for the rebuild. Players can trust the organization to remain loyal to them which is something the Thunder have been known for in the past.

Keeping Waters isn’t all about maximizing potential, because if they wanted to pick up a younger player with more potential, they would and could. Instead, they opt for a homegrown player, because they likely aren’t losing that much value by picking up a different 17th man. 

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