Since the Crisco didn't get the job done, authorities decided to using something else to stop Eagles fans from climbing poles.

By Khadrice Rollins
February 04, 2018

The Crisco Cops are no more and Philadelphia police have decided to turn to hydraulic fluid to deter Eagles fans from climbing street poles after Super Bowl LII Sunday. It was reported earlier in the week that they would use gear oil to slow down the fans.

Before the NFC Championship Jan. 21, Philadelphia officials applied Crisco to street poles throughout the city in hopes of creating a surface too slick for rowdy Eagles fans to climb after the game.

Well, after Philadelphia picked up a 38-7 victory to book a trip to the Super Bowl, fans tested the poles to see if they were too slippery to climb, and the fans won.

So now, after two weeks to prepare for another possible city-wide celebration, the police are turning to hydraulic fluid to do the job that Crisco couldn't.

Well, between the Patriots and hydraulic fluid, it's hard to tell if the Eagles or their fans are dealing with a tougher opponent Sunday.

But if the football team can find a way to overcome the odds, some of the fans will certainly find a way too.


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