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The Browns’ matchup against the Buccaneers on Sunday marks the probable last start for quarterback Jacoby Brissett this season as Deshaun Watson is expected to return in Week 13 vs. the Texans.

Brissett has started in all 10 games so far this season, leading the team to a 3–7 record. It is tied with the Steelers for last place in the AFC North standings. 

The quarterback was signed about a week after the Browns signed Watson to the roster, who was still being investigated by the NFL for 22 lawsuits at the time against him regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault.

When the NFL’s decision to suspend Watson for 11 games was announced ahead of the 2022 season, Brissett knew he had to step up into the starting quarterback position until Watson could return. And, now that time is almost up.

Coach Kevin Stefanski hasn’t officially announced Watson as next week’s starter, though, but a league source told Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer on Nov. 14 that the 27-year-old was set to take first-team reps when he returned to practice Nov. 16. 

Reporters asked Brissett on Wednesday about his thoughts on the season thus far and how he feels about his time as the starter most likely coming to an end soon. 

“I signed up for this. I knew what I was getting myself into,” Brissett said, via "I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task. I didn’t sign up for easy. I wasn’t brought here for easy. I knew I was the right person for it, and I still believe that I am. I think I’ve shown that.”

Through 10 games, Brissett has completed 213 out of 331 pass attempts for 2,398 yards, 11 touchdowns and five interceptions.

Since March 2021, Watson has faced more than two dozen lawsuits regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment. The most recent case was filed Oct. 13, and he still faces two active cases.

Only one case was dropped due to privacy concerns in April 2021, and 20 of the 24 remaining active lawsuits were settled in late June ’22. He, then, settled three of the remaining four ahead of independent arbitrator Sue L. Robinson’s initial disciplinary decision.

Watson never was criminally charged despite facing two grand juries regarding the cases.

The former Texans quarterback has continued to stand by his innocence, even though he did offer a broad apology once the 11-game suspension was announced. When he first signed with the Browns in March, he denied any wrongdoing.

Watson is eligible to be reinstated Nov. 28. 

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