49ers 2024 Schedule Breakdown and Win-Loss Prediction

Which games will the 49ers win?
May 10, 2024; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan watches during the
May 10, 2024; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan watches during the / Robert Kupbens-USA TODAY Sports
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The 49ers just released their regular season schedule for 2024. Here it is, along with win-loss predictions for each game.

WEEK 1: Monday Night, Sept. 9 vs. the New York Jets

Prediction: Win. The Jets have an excellent defense and Aaron Rodgers should be healthy considering it's Week 1 (although he didn't make it through the first drive of last season). But the Jets offensive coordinator is Nathaniel Hackett, who's truly awful. Which means Rodgers runs the offense. And it may take him a figure out what works with his new teammates.

WEEK 2: Sunday, Sept. 15 @ the Minnesota Vikings

Prediction: Win. The Vikings starting quarterback will be either Sam Darnold, who's a disaster, or J.J. McCarthy, who's a rookie. Either way, this game shouldn't be close.

WEEK 3: Sunday, Sept. 22 @ the Los Angeles Rams

Prediction: Loss. The Rams are tough to beat when both Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are healthy, and they should be healthy in Week 3.

WEEK 4: Sunday, Sept. 29 vs. the New England Patriots

Prediction: Win. The Patriots are rebuilding and might be the worst team in the NFL.

WEEK 5: Sunday, Oct. 6 vs. the Arizona Cardinals

Prediction: Loss. Teams always lose one game they should win, and this is the one for the 49ers. The Cardinals are on the rise after drafting wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., and the 49ers have had trouble containing Kyler Murray in the past. He never has had a wide receiver who's nearly as talented as Harrison Jr.

WEEK 6: Thursday Night, Oct. 10 @ the Seattle Seahawks

Prediction: Win. The Seahawks defense should improve under new head coach Mike Macdonald, but Geno Smith never has beaten the 49ers and he probably never will.

WEEK 7: Sunday, Oct. 20 vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

Prediction: Loss. The Chiefs don't always play their best in the regular season, but Patrick Mahomes never has lost to the 49ers and he probably never will.

WEEK 8: Sunday Night, Oct. 27 vs. the Dallas Cowboys

Prediction: Win. Dak Prescott seems intimidated by the 49ers. Every time he faces them, he plays a bit worse.


WEEK 10: Sunday, Nov. 10 @ the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Prediction: Win. The Buccaneers are the essence of mediocrity, as is Baker Mayfield, who's solid but not good enough to beat the 49ers without an All Star supporting cast, which the Buccaneers do not provide him.

WEEK 11: Sunday, Nov. 11 vs. the Seattle Seahawks

Prediction: Win. If the Seahawks starting quarterback is still Geno Smith this late in the season, they have no chance. If he isn't their starting quarterback, they still have no chance.

WEEK 12: Sunday, Nov. 24 @ the Green Bay Packers

Prediction: Loss. The Packers nearly beat the 49ers in the playoffs last season and that was with Aaron Jones as their running back. Now they have Josh Jacobs, whom Nick Bosa called the best running back in the NFL a year ago, and the 49ers run defense still seems to be an issue.

WEEK 13: Sunday Night, Dec. 1 @ the Buffalo Bills

Prediction: Loss. If the 49ers can't contain Lamar Jackson, they're going to have big problems against Josh Allen, who's a bigger, stronger version of Jackson. Plus this will be the 49ers' second cross-country cold-weather game in a row.

WEEK 14: Sunday, Dec. 8 vs. the Chicago Bears

Prediction: Win. The Bears won 7 games with terrible quarterbacks last season, and now they have the no. 1 pick in the draft, Caleb Williams, who should be a big upgrade. Still, it's the Bears.

WEEK 15: Thursday Night, Dec. 12 vs. the Los Angeles Rams

Prediction: Win. The 49ers won't lose twice to the Rams in the same season. These two teams are evenly matched.

WEEK 16: Sunday, Dec. 22 @ the Miami Dolphins

Prediction: Win. Tua Tagovailoa is another quarterback who's clearly intimidated by the 49ers. Once they hit him a few times, he'll fold.

WEEK 17: Monday Night, Dec. 30 vs. the Detroit Lions

Prediction: Loss. The 49ers barely beat the Lions in the NFC Championship Game. Since that day, the Lions have gotten better while the 49ers haven't.

WEEK 18: TBD @ the Arizona Cardinals

Prediction: Win. The 49ers won't lose twice to the Cardinals in the same season.

Final Record: 11-6.

Last season, they were 12-5. This season, their schedule is much more difficult.

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