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Trey Lance Officially Ruled out Until 2023 Says Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan has closed the door shut on any possibility of Trey Lance returning to play for the 49ers this season.

Any chance of Trey Lance returning to the 49ers in 2022 is erased.

Kyle Shanahan confirmed at his Wednesday press conference that Lance will be ruled out until the 2023 season. The 49ers officially placed Lance on Injured Reserve Wednesday after he underwent successful surgery on his broken ankle.

"He's doing as good as he can," Shanahan said. "Trey's been great. A number of guys have talked to him a bunch. He's trying to come to the game this week, but I don't think he'll be able to until the swelling goes down and stuff like that, but he'll be back sooner rather than later."

On Tuesday, there was a report from the San Francisco Chronicle that Lance could be fully healed before the season ends. Meaning the 49ers could have had another quarterback dilemma on their hands this season. But Shanahan has shut the door on any possibility of Lance returning. Even if he does heal well before the season ends, the 49ers are not going to trot out a barely healed up and out of football shape Lance onto the field.

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This is the right call for the 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the starter the rest of the way. Lance would not have been a better option than Garoppolo late in the season during a playoff push. Most importantly, there is no point to rush Lance back after he has barely healed up. It would be an even bigger mistake on the 49ers end to do that than the actual play call that got Lance injured in the first place.

Let him heal up. Do not rush Lance back or "haste makes waste" as the cliche saying goes. 2022 is a loss for him and he will once again be playing catch up with a Super Bowl caliber/aspiring team in year three of his career. Talk about a terrible start for a young career.