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The Bright Side to Deebo Samuel Skipping 49ers OTAs

Deebo Samuel skipping 49ers OTAs may seem like a bummer, but there is actually bright side to it that acts as the best scenario.

Deebo Samuel is not expected at OTAs when the 49ers open up.

An absolute SHOCKER (sarcasm). Samuel skipping OTAs was a foregone conclusion from the moment he requested a trade from the team. Even if he wants to stay, it benefits him to stay away from the field until he is rightfully due an extension from the 49ers.

OTAs will have to go on without Samuel, which the 49ers were surely accounting for. It is a bummer to not have him out there as it will be the first time Trey Lance will get to hit the field receiving all of the first-team reps as the presumed starter. Having Samuel with Lance would've made it a better look in practice.

But there is a bright side to Samuel skipping OTAs.

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That bright side is that his reps will get to go to other players who need to prove their worth. Somebody such as Ray-Ray McCloud who needs to get acclimated or even Danny Gray. All is not lost just because Samuel is passing on OTAs. In fact, this is probably the best situation for the 49ers. Samuel does not need to practice right now. It is totally fine if he skips OTAs and even minicamp in its entirety.

The 49ers already know what they have in Samuel and there is no reason to doubt he will drastically fall off after missing these practices. Using the reps that would go to Samuel towards other players who actually need it is the more optimal approach. Now you could argue that having Samuel out there aids in Lance's development. But missing OTAs is not going to throw a monkey wrench in whether or not Lance can ascend. 

Besides, everything right now is just seven-on-seven. The real development for Lance isn't going to come from this so much. Rather it is going to come from real live pass rushers looking to pile drive him into the ground. It is going to come from defensive coordinators throwing multiple looks at him to see if he cracks or deciphers what is going on. 

Building rapport with Samuel should be easy for Lance. What won't be is throwing to Gray, McCloud, Jauan Jennings and others that he should be strengthen synchronization with. Lance and the 49ers will be fine without Samuel at OTAs. It becomes a concern if this carries into training camp, but for now everything is for the better.