Dolphins Getting Some Love From Oddsmaker

The Miami Dolphins rank in the top 10 when it comes to Super Bowl odds for next season, according to one sports book
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The Miami Dolphins ultimately came up just short in their bid to complete a remarkable one-year turnaround to make the playoffs in 2020, but they certainly caught the attention of folks everywhere with their improvement.

That applies to oddsmakers.

In fact, one sportsbook has the Dolphins in the top 10 when it comes to the odds to win Super Bowl LVI, scheduled for Feb. 6, 2022 at the new SoFi Stadium in Pasadena, California.

The Dolphins currently are listed at 20/1 to win Super Bowl LVI, putting them in a four-way tie for seventh-biggest favorites along with the Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

It's noteworthy that the Dolphins are the only one of those teams that didn't make the playoffs in 2020.

The Dolphins also are listed ahead of playoff participants New Orleans (25/1), Tennessee (28/1), Indianapolis (33/1), Pittsburgh (33/1), Chicago (50/1) and Washington (66/1).

The six teams listed as bigger favorites are the Kansas City Chiefs, who will try to repeat as Super Bowl champions this week and are listed at 5/1; Buffalo, Green Bay, the Rams and Tampa Bay at 12/1; and San Francisco at 14/1.

Here's something else to consider: These odds will change depending on quarterback movement in the offseason.

And the Dolphins actually will find themselves near the top of the favorites if it ends up that they trade for Deshaun Watson.

“We opened next year’s Super Bowl odds and, as of now, there’s nothing out of the ordinary with the exception of the Rams at 12/1," said Adam Burns, BetOnline Sportsbook manager. "They would have been 25/1 with Jared Goff still under center. Meanwhile, the Lions were not affected that much at 66/1, which is probably around what we would have had them at anyway. The Chiefs remain at the top as 5/1 clear favorites.

"We expect lots of volatility in the 2022 Super Bowl pre-seasons futures with the rumors of an offseason of quarterback musical chairs. The main movement will come if and when Deshaun Watson gets traded as this will make a big impact on the odds for the Texans and whatever team he goes. Plus, anyone in that division will see their futures change dramatically. For example, the Dolphins are 20/1 right now and if Deshaun should end up in Miami, they would be in a great spot to rival the Bills for that division and their odds would probably cut in half to 11/1 or 12/1.”

Here's the complete rundown of the current BetOnline ( odds to win Super Bowl LVI:

Kansas City Chiefs: 5/1

Buffalo Bills: 12/1

Green Bay Packers: 12/1

Los Angeles Rams: 12/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 12/1

San Francisco 49ers: 14/1

Baltimore Ravens: 20/1

Cleveland Browns: 20/1

Miami Dolphins: 20/1

Seattle Seahawks: 20/1

Dallas Cowboys: 22/1

Los Angeles Chargers: 22/1

New England Patriots: 25/1

New Orleans Saints: 25/1

Tennessee Titans: 28/1

Arizona Cardinals: 33/1

Indianapolis Colts: 33/1

Pittsburgh Steelers: 33/1

Philadelphia Eagles: 40/1

Atlanta Falcons: 50/1

Carolina Panthers: 50/1

Chicago Bears: 50/1

Houston Texans: 50/1

Las Vegas Raiders: 50/1

Minnesota Vikings: 50/1

New York Giants: 66/1

Washington Football Team: 66/1

Cincinnati Bengals: 75/1

Denver Broncos: 75/1

Detroit Lions: 75/1

Jacksonville Jaguars: 75/1

New York Jets: 75/1