The Atlanta Falcons are staring at a 0-3 start to the season.

Execution, poor coaching, and not being able to finish games have the plagued this Falcons team that looked to build off of last year’s late season run.

Things have not gone as planned, and it could get worse as the season progresses.

If things do get worse, it could be time to move some veterans for draft picks and younger assets for the foreseeable future.

Last season, the Falcons decided to trade Mohamed Sanu to the New England Patriots for a second-round pick after a bad start.

Should they do the same thing this year?

Time To Create Cap Space?

Well to begin, the Falcons don’t have much cap space heading into next season. Most of their veterans are on big contracts, and if the team isn’t not winning anytime soon it can make sense to move some contracts.

Alex Mack has been a consistent vet for the team, and moving him to a contender would be great for him. The Falcons basically drafted Matt Hennessey as his future replacement, and they have high expectations for him.

A team may be willing to give a third-round pick for Mack, which could be a win-win for both them and the Falcons.

Ricardo Allen could be another player the Falcons could decide to trade. Allen has had a hard time staying healthy the past three seasons, and Damontae Kazee has shown that he’s capable of playing free safety.

Don't Touch The Building Blocks 

Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones are the young building blocks on the team, so trading them shouldn’t be a question. They may end their career being Falcons for life.

Two veterans that are guaranteed to be on the Falcons until they retire are Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. They have produced since being drafted and have been through it all. To make things better, they’re still playing a high level and nobody is a threat of taking their job.

If the Falcons decide to trade any of their players, that means that it may be time to start looking ahead to the future. Depending on how things go from here, there may be some major changes incoming from players to the coaching staff.

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