Alim McNeill's Potential Jersey Number Revealed

Did new Detroit Lions defensive tackle Alim McNeill reveal his jersey number on his 21st birthday?

The Detroit Lions are looking for vast improvement from their defensive line during the 2021 season. 

One of the young and talented defensive linemen Detroit's defense will be counting on is defensive tackle Alim McNeill. 

"And Alim (McNeill), he’s another one that, first watched him you’re thinking of not having seen him live physically, but watching him on film, he seems like a kind of shorter, wider guy, so you’re automatically thinking, ‘OK, he’s your typical two-down anchor nose tackle.’ But then you keep watching him and it’s like, ‘Wait, hold up. This dude’s got some quickness that you don’t usually see from a guy this big and this powerful,’ so he was really fun," general manager Brad Holmes said. 

On his 21st birthday, McNeill took to social media to potentially share what number he will wear during his rookie season. 

"21 trips around the sun, many more to come #onepride," McNeill posted on his Instagram page. 

The number 54 is familiar to many supporters of the Lions, as former linebacker and current Lions executive Chris Spielman used to roam the defense wearing that number during his playing career. 

No member of the Lions roster has worn No. 54 since linebacker Steve Longa wore it back in 2019.

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