Are Lions Still Negotiating with Kenny Golladay for a Long-Term Deal?

Could the Detroit Lions still sign wideout Kenny Golladay to a long-term deal?

The Detroit Lions could wait until the March 9 deadline to decide on rendering the franchise tag to either wideout Kenny Golladay or defensive end Romeo Okwara.

It is expected at this point that Detroit will place the franchise tag on the fifth-year wideout, but Detroit can still negotiate a long-term contract agreement with Golladay as well. 

“Well, we want to make the best decision for the Lions, and sometimes those decisions take a little bit longer," general manager Brad Holmes explained on Tuesday. "The great thing is that we have a process in place that we believe in, that we’ve been firm in. When you really start the planning stages of the process, that process can go all the way up to when you have to make the decision."


Holmes noted that the new front office and coaching staff have a decision-making process in place and will stick to their plans in order to properly meet their own timelines. 

"The great thing, and Dan (Campbell) kind of mentioned earlier, is that we’re not going to rush it," Holmes said. "Whether it is the franchise tag on a Romeo or a Kenny or whoever it is, we definitely have a process in place that we believe in, that we’re trusting. That’s probably the best thing about it, is that we have a process that we’re trusting and we’re sticking to it. It makes sure that it meets the Detroit Lions’ timeline, and that’s really the thing that matters the most.”

As far as securing Golladay to a long-term deal, Holmes remained mum and expressed that the decision on the 27-year-old wideout would be announced shortly. 

“That’s another decision that we’re keeping in-house just out of respect for the process. I’m sure that you’ll hear about what we’ll be doing shortly.”

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