LB Jarrad Davis Wants to 'Answer the Bell' in 2020

John Maakaron

Jarrad Davis could be entering his final year in a Detroit Lions uniform. 

Detroit general manager Bob Quinn declined the fifth-year option that was part of Davis' rookie contract earlier this offseason. 

It leaves Davis with an uncertain future in the Motor City. 

"I think JD (Davis) is a cornerstone of what we’re trying to do, and he’s in those big-picture plans of where we’re trying to go,” Matt Patricia said back in May. "He’s everything we’re building around, trying to get him to keep continuing to grow and develop and to get better. He’s a great kid. He’s awesome."

During a video conference with Detroit media Tuesday, Davis explained that he viewed each day in the offseason as a chance to take the reins and "answer the bell."

The offseason has been a challenge for many professional athletes, but Davis wanted to ensure that he gave himself the best opportunity to have the most productive offseason he could.

"I think that just that mindset, that having to push that hard every single day consistently is going to help me to stay focused and learn how to just be locked in throughout the season," Davis said. "Yeah, I made a physical transformation, but I feel like I'm immensely more available mentally -- better than I've ever been in my entire life."

He added, "I'm either going to fall victim to this and be like, man, I can only do so much or I'm going to take the reins -- take life into my own hands and kind of manipulate my situation and get the best out of it. And I did that every single day."

"The Lions Den" 

Davis and teammate Christian Jones have developed a close friendship and bond as teammates. 

This offseason, both have worked out in what Davis has termed as "The Lions Den" -- in the basement of his home.

Davis bulked up to 245 pounds, and dropped his body fat from 14 percent to 9.8 percent. 

"We got some weights, and got a little sport rack and a little bench and some dumbbells and about a couple hundred pounds of weights," Davis explained. "We just went in there, and went to work every single day. Just being able to go in there and still have a place to really push yourself to the limit and not falling victim to circumstances that are out there around us. It was awesome. It was a good opportunity for us to continue to bond and (build) the relationship as teammates and brothers. And so, it was a good time."

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John Maakaron
John Maakaron


Davis has put in the work and said all the right things. I think he has a chance to get better this season, but not sure if it will be enough to satisfy the lofty expectations placed on him


Can’t believe Andy Benoit believes Davis could be a top-5 LB in NFL at this new weight. I think if he can sure up all parts of his game and produce, another team will take a chance on him. I don’t see his future in Detroit. His game does not fit Patricia’s defense


He has proven himself and to the team that he's totally committed to be a big factor this season, the addition of Collins will be the difference allowing JD to be a OLB heat seeking missile going after the ball.


He seems more mature, but he must produce at a higher level to stay on the team