Lions Listed as NFL Team That Should Pursue Colin Kaepernick

John Maakaron

Is now the proper time for Colin Kaepernick to return to the National Football League? 

During ESPN's "The Return of Sports" special Monday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed support for NFL teams to sign the 32-year-old, ex-49ers quarterback.

Kaepernick has not played since the 2016 season when he kneeled during the national anthem to protest social injustice.

"If he wants to resume his career in the NFL, then, obviously, it's gonna take a team to make that decision. I welcome that, support a club making that decision and encourage them to do that," Goodell explained during his interview with ESPN's Mike Greenberg.

Should the Lions consider signing the controversial quarterback?

The Athletic recently compiled a list of NFL teams (10) that should pursue Kaepernick, teams that should consider Kaepernick (10) and teams that would be better off standing pat (12). 

Detroit fell into the category of teams that should at least consider making the move to bring him to its organization.

As The Athletic's Mike Sando explains,  

"Chase Daniel is backing up Matthew Stafford. Daniel has played for six teams over 11 seasons with five starts, throwing six touchdown passes with four interceptions in those games. Stafford missed half the 2020 season with back trouble. Kaepernick would fit well in Detroit under offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who called plays for Wilson in Seattle previously."

Many across the league still believe Kaepernick can suit up and contribute to an NFL franchise.

While it is highly unlikely Detroit makes this move, it would aid in the healing process if Kaepernick was at least given one more opportunity by the NFL.

By taking a chance, the Lions would show other potential free agents that the team is progressive and willing to take risks, despite facing backlash from many that would be strongly opposed to the signing.


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No. 1-4

He's not worth the time to even consider.... Out of football since 2016.. Stop the madness of thinking he can be effective.. Kap & Cam should just go away, its over.. End of story!


I would love for the Lions to give him a chance and let him work out. However being away for 4 years is a long time. If he does come back he is going to have to relearn the league quick.


They should! Would you trust a QB coming off 2 broken backs? Besides, Colin took San Francisco to the SuperBowl


Not all that for it. Four years is such a long time away from the game. Not sure he gets that chance at this point