Lions Need to Pay Attention to Jamal Adams' Situation Very Closely

Dakota Brecht

Extra help in the secondary is a must for any team in today's pass-heavy NFL.

Where the Lions stand, however, they could use a little more help than most teams.

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams is a name that has been tied to many teams this offseason, including the Lions.

ESPN Jets reporter Rich Cimini recently reported that talks between Adams and the Jets have reached an impasse.

If this is true and Adams wants out of New York, it could be a huge opportunity for Detroit.

Here is what Cimini had to say regarding the current situation:

“The two sides have had multiple conversations since the NFL draft, but the Jets told him they prefer to wait on a long-term extension and Adams wants a deal before the season, sources said.

The Adams camp is upset, claiming the Jets are dragging their feet, sources said. On Wednesday, the possibility of a trade came up in a conversation between the two sides, sources said, but there are conflicting accounts on how serious those talks were.”

If a trade is an option, however, the Lions wouldn’t be the only team sending an offer to the Jets.

“Adams is said to be open to a trade if his contract demands aren't met,” Cimini said. “More than half the teams in the league have reached out to the Jets to express interest, according to a source.”

The asking price for a guy like Adams is sure to be astronomically high.

Adams is coming off of an All-Pro season, and has two Pro Bowls under his belt already.

He finished the 2019 campaign with 75 total tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and one interception.

He is intent on becoming the highest-paid safety in NFL history and rightfully so.

Adams backs up his asking price with his play on the field.

And if the Lions have the opportunity to make a trade for the 24-year-old safety, it would behoove Detroit to do its due diligence and pull the trigger on what would be a blockbuster move.  


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I would rather see a trade for a high value draft pick we missed out on right now than spend big on a career contract, maybe a trade for LB or DT we wanted higher and missed out on........1 or 2 yr deals on high value free agent cuts is always worth a look but long term deals are tough when you cant be sure what you get

Andria m
Andria m

I think the Lions have enough depth at the safety position

The underdogs
The underdogs

He wants too much money. Pass. If you really want to spend your cap space, it should be on d-linemen, not a safety. Harmon and Walker are both too good to be backups. Adams wants to be a starter, not a backup.


Not gonna happen... Quinn won't give up the asking price and I'm pretty sure bringing in another problem child is not a option after the shit they had to deal with when Slay was acting like a child.

The Karras Gamble
The Karras Gamble

I'm good with Harmon and Walker, with Kearse and Harris as backups. If the Lions were to spend silly money, it should be on an all-pro dlineman. Call KC and ask what it would take to trade for Chris Jones. They haven't agreed on a contract either.


That cost is way too high probably