SI Lions Roundtable: Will D'Andre Swift Rush for 1,000 Yards His Rookie Season?

Vito Chirco and Logan Lamorandier recap the week's Detroit Lions news
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1.) Should the NFL just cancel the rest of the preseason?

Vito Chirco: I say yes. Which coaches and players have really ever been big-time advocates of the preseason anyways, let alone during a pandemic?

In past years, the precedent has been set that the best players never suit up for more than two games. So, now, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, would the players even suit up for one? I highly doubt it, and that's why I say scrap the whole entire thing.

Logan Lamorandier: They probably should. At the end of the day, the games are meaningless and the rewards don't outweigh the risk. The first few weeks of the season are going to be so sloppy, though.

2.) Which Detroit Lions players will be most affected by the preseason being reduced by two games or eliminated?

Chirco: I say any of the rookies. Training camp and the exhibition season serve as a great way for the first-year guys to get acclimated with their new teams.

Without it, fans will also miss out, as they're used to seeing the rookies don their respective franchises' unis for the first time during the preseason.

You know, the Lions and fans both want to see the likes of draft picks Jeff Okudah, D'Andre Swift and Julian Okwara get some reps in before the start of the regular season.

Lamorandier: The backups and players fighting for roster spots. Starters usually get the most practice reps, and that will be the case this preseason with fewer games. 

I have a feeling it's going to be real tough for younger players to supplant veterans when they can't get any live action on their resume.

3.) D'Andre Swift has finally signed with the Lions. Do you think he will gain 1,000 rushing yards his rookie season?

Chirco: I don't think he will be, and it's not only because of the fact that he's a rookie and might subsequently hit a proverbial brick wall at some point this upcoming season.

He also faces stiff competition for carries in the form of incumbent No. 1 back Kerryon Johnson.

As long as Johnson stays healthy -- something he hasn't done through his first two seasons in the league -- there's a good likelihood that Swift won't be able to reach the 1,000-yard threshold.

Lamorandier: Nope. It would be great if he did, but that's going to be a tough mark to reach running in a committee behind an unproven offensive line.

4.) Do you think Jahlani Tavai's decision to light fireworks was too reckless?

Chirco: I view it like this ... everyone has the right to enjoy the Fourth of July in the manner that they desire, including Tavai. I just wouldn't have decided to celebrate the holiday in the same fashion.

I'm a fan of fireworks on the Fourth, but I wouldn't be lighting them off myself. 

At the end of the day, I'm glad that Tavai is safe and sound after the close encounter.

Lamorandier: Tavai is an adult who can make his own decisions. I've had my fair share of fun --and minor mishaps -- with fireworks and don't blame others for wanting to do the same. 

Ultimately, he has the most to lose if anything were to happen. It's his call on if it's worth it or not.

5.) Would you sign the coronavirus waiver to attend a Lions game in 2020?

Chirco: No thanks. I'm more than fine with watching the game on TV and inside the warm confines of my home without fear of infection.

And if any team is worth leaving your house to go and watch during a pandemic, it's surely not the Lions.

Lamorandier: I enjoy Sundays at home way too much. I'm good watching Lions games on a 60-inch 4k television with the red zone channel on another television. I can have my fantasy lineups and instant updates on my laptop while sitting on my comfortable sofa drinking and eating whatever I want.  I don't have to worry about gameday traffic.