80 Prospects in 80 Days: Florida QB Kyle Trask

Taking a closer look at the Florida Gator signal caller.
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Each day leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft, we will take a look at prospects that should be on the Carolina Panthers' radar. We will look at roughly eleven prospects per round to give a better idea of potential draftees beyond just the first round.

Here's our schedule for the next 80 days:

1st Round: Feb. 8th - Feb. 21st

2nd Round: Feb. 22nd - Mar. 6th

3rd Round: Mar. 7th - Mar. 18th

4th Round: Mar. 19th - Mar. 29th

5th Round: Mar. 30th - Apr. 8th

6th Round: Apr. 9th - Apr. 18th

7th Round: Apr. 19th - Apr. 28th

Prospect No. 27: QB Kyle Trask

College: Florida

Height: 6'5" Weight: 240 lbs

Draft range: Late 1st round, early 2nd round

Analysis: I'm not too sold on Trask being a starting quarterback in the NFL but I also don't want to rule out the possibility. If I'm being honest, I'm up in the air on the amount of success he will have in the league. He's got the physical stature of the traditional pocket quarterback in the NFL but has the athleticism to use his legs if need be. Now, he's not going to be someone that has designed runs called for him but evading pressure is a quality trait that he has. He's a much younger version of Ben Roethlisberger but I don't think his ceiling is that of Big Ben's. Trask has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long and throw a ball too late, which makes it difficult to complete passes down the field. If he becomes quicker progressing through his reads, it'll help his development. With that said, he does know how to protect the football and even though he can be a tad late on a throw, it's usually in a spot where the ball can't be picked off. Trask threw 15 interceptions in 28 career games at Florida while also throwing for 7,386 yards and 69 touchdowns.

Expert analysis from the NFL Draft Bible on Sports Illustrated:

Boasting a big frame with above-average arm strength, Trask displays velocity, driving the football outside the numbers with relative ease. He is a tough dude inside of the pocket, staying cool and calm under pressure. The bargain bin Carson Wentz model has shown a ton of growth in his limited opportunity as a Gator. The arrow is clearly pointing up, with some notable upside moving forward. Despite having a good head on his shoulders, Trask can be victim to some puzzling decision-making due to his lack of experience. He struggles at times to work off his first read, forcing the ball into adverse situations. As an athlete, Trask is never going to threaten much outside of structure. It is all about live reps now for Trask, with the ability to remain patient. With a big frame, arm strength, and pocket toughness, Trask is the perfect developmental prospect who may have some starter upside down the road in the right situation.

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