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Bobby Hebert's SiriusXM Interview on the Saints in '21, Jameis, Taysom, Julio, Tebow, Tannehill, and USFL

Former New Orleans Saints legendary quarterback Bobby Hebert's interview on SiriusXM NFL radio gave us his thoughts on the Saints in '21, Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, Julio Jones' trade, Tim Tebow, Ryan Tannehill, and the importance of the old USFL.

Bobby Hebert is a 'straight-shooter' and brings his unique Cajun wit whenever he's commenting on football.  

After the Julio Jones trade to the Tennessee Titans was announced by the Falcons on Sunday, the "Cajun Cannon" appeared as a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio with co-hosts John Clayton and Kirk Morrison.

He's had the opportunity to play for both New Orleans and Atlanta organizations before retiring for the game.

Hebert shared his thoughts on Julio Jones and the Saints, Marshon Lattimore, and the return of the USFL.

Here are a few notes and nuggets from his interview.

PJ Williams and Marcus Williams


"It helps to be held accountable at the highest level. You have to be available. What he play, like, nine games last year? And, I kind of thought that's what would've went down. I didn't think any team would give up a number one. And my understanding, I think it's like a two and a four maybe the Titans get Julio and a six-round pick, but that seems about right."


Acquiring Julio Jones "put some more pressure on Tannehill to have success."

Jameis Winston - Saints Quarterback


"I tried to tell the fans right now, look, if Sean Payton right now trusts Jameis Winston, then you got to trust him. He later said on air, "I think Jameis Winston is the quarterback."

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"On the Saints quarterback competition week in and week out, I kind of like the way they plug and play him, and really frustrate opposing defensive coordinators where they got to 'burn the midnight oil' [on] how they're going to contain Taysom Hill."

Saints QB Taysom Hill


"Right now, Tim Tebow is no Taysom Hill. He's too slow."


"...the reason why the Saints have a chance to win double digits. Even though Vegas has them at 9.5 [wins], I think they can be like a 10-7 type team. I don't think they overtake the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they can be a wildcard [team]."


Bobby talked about USFL players, including himself, to enter the NFL and have great careers like Steve Young (Los Angeles), Sam Mills (Philadelphia/Baltimore), and Reggie White (Memphis).

The USFL "helped me mature as a quarterback...when it's all said and done, a number of players that played in the USFL going to the NFL, you can look at every position, and [the player] ended up making the Pro Bowl. What they like you to believe, it wasn't like baseball. It wasn't a developmental league. It was truly legit."

Hebert is the current radio co-host on Saints Radio for WWL in the New Orleans area. 

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