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BLEAV in Saints: Recapping Eagles, Previewing Bills on Thanksgiving

The latest BLEAV in Saints podcast breaks down the latest loss to the Eagles and previews how things might look on a short week against the Bills.

It's a bit of a rough patch for the Saints right now, as they just lost their third straight game of 2021 to the Eagles. Terrance Copper joins me on our latest episode of BLEAV in Saints to talk about the game, and how things need to drastically change to beat the Bills.

In This Episode...

  • The Top 2 Thanksgiving dishes.
  • The disappointment and common themes in the Saints losses.
  • How Sean Payton might change up the gameplan facing a short week.
  • The emotions going into Thursday with a Drew Brees return.
  • Terrance's top Drew Brees moment.

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