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3 Free Agent Edge Rushers Steelers Can Still Sign

The Pittsburgh Steelers need a third edge rusher, and they have some options left in free agency.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' biggest remaining need is edge rusher. They found solutions to many of their offensive and defensive questions, but without a true third outside linebacker, they're looking at a pretty drastic drop off once T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith step off the field. 

Adding Genard Avery helped, but it feels as if the situation isn't much more improved than last season with Derek Tuszka and Taco Charlton. And unless Pittsburgh wants to ride a thin line of hoping no one gets injured, adding to the group remains a priority. 

At this point, the options are slim, but there's three names the Steelers can target to help improve the group. 

Anthony Barr 

Barr has been a pretty silent free agent when it comes from the media. His name hasn't been brought up much, which has started rumors that he could be looking to return to the Minnesota Vikings.

Barr is 30-years-old and coming off a one-year deal with Minnesota. He's likely cheap for an outside linebacker, and returning from a 72-tackle, 2.5 sack season. 

For an option behind Watt and Highsmith, he forces offenses to pay attention. Something that play just as much of a role as anything else when you're dealing with depth pieces. 

Jamie Collins  

Collings has been rather unproductive in recent years as he continues to play into his 30's. That being said, he played for a Detroit Lions team that was unproductive as a whole, and could see a boost when he isn't holding so much ground on a defense. 

Chances are this is the Steelers' cheapest option for a veteran who has had a proven track record. It's a risk because they'll need to see if he's still capable of playing, but if it works out, he's a good asset for little money. If it doesn't, they move on. 

Tuzar Skipper

Remember when Steelers fans wanted Skipper to make the 53-man roster and instead he ended up on the open market. Well, two years later, he's a free agent, only 26-years-old, and the Steelers need options. 

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Skipper is a risk that will also be cheap, but certainly has less upside than Barr or Collins. To be honest, it might not be much of an upgrade to Tuszka or Avery, but it's another name to add to the list and see what happens. 

The Steelers need something to click. If Skipper has a shot to make plays in the offseason again, maybe Pittsburgh can see what they found. At this point, bulk isn't bad. 

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