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Steelers QB Camp Notebook: Rudolph Keeping Pace With Trubisky

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback battle continues.

LATROBE, PA -- The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback battle continues, and is keeping some consistency for the last two days. Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph continued to split first-team reps, with Kenny Pickett working the third-team. Chris Oladokun remains repless. 


Mitch Trubisky: 6/13

Trubisky's most notable pass come in individual drills when he found Diontae Johnson deep against Ahkello Witherspoon on Johnson's first play after signing his extension. From there, his day was hit-and-miss

Mason Rudolph: 11/13

Rudolph was nearly perfect on the day, with his two incompletions being an overthrow to Calvin Austin and an endzone drop by Miles Boykin. On the other hand, he showed flashes, highlighted by a Tyler Vaughn touchdown where Rudolph worked Witherspoon away from the ball. 

Kenny Pickett: 9/11

Pickett worked his eyes and athleticism well throughout the day, moving Tre Norwood inside to find Boykin on a skinny post, that might have been the throw of the afternoon. Working behind Rudolph and Trubisky, Pickett started to show come chemistry with his third-team guys. 


Noah - Trubisky had a few good deep balls during individual and seven-on-seven drills, but nearly threw three interceptions during team. Building a connection with Diontae Johnson will be important so we can get a full evaluation of his QB play, and allow us to stop speculating about what could happen with his starting receivers on the field. 

Rudolph looks consistent as always, but under-threw Anthony McFarland more than once, and continued his check down ways. After a pass to Derek Watt that went for a few yards, one player, who was running a route on the play, came off to the sideline and said "what is [Rudolph] looking at."

Pickett working with the three is hard to judge - much like it was with Rudolph. He was consistent. The game looks like it's slowing down. Both positive takeaways from the day.

Derrick - Trubisky started the day pretty well. In one on ones, he hit several deep throws down the right sideline on the money. But he could’ve had as many as three interceptions as practice went on. Then, I think he missed his final three or four throws in his lone seven on seven rep. 

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Rudolph was solid. His seven-on-seven rep was much cleaner, hitting Steven Simms on a deep curl for the score. He targeted Boykin on a post but there was DPI - good throw, though.

Pickett had a really solid day. I thought he was better today than yesterday. Throw of the day was his touchdown to Boykin on a post from about 15-20 yards out. Did a great job holding Norwood in the middle of the field with his eyes. 

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