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Sounds Like Steelers Won’t Make QB Change This Week

There's no sense a quarterback change is coming for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

PITTSBURGH -- It doesn't feel like change is in the air for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they prepare for the New York Jets in Week 4. 

Head coach Mike Tomlin took the podium for his weekly press conference, and the looming question was whether or not Mitch Trubisky will continue starting at quarterback for the Steelers. 

And the answer seems to be yes. 

The Steelers made a depth chart change ahead of the Jets game, but it isn't at quarterback. Trubisky remains the No. 1 with Kenny Pickett as the backup. And while Tomlin is open to change this week, he doesn't seem interested in making one of them the quarterback. 

"We're going to do what's required to handle this week's business, which is to win," Tomlin said. "I'm open to whatever that entails, but at the same time, we're not going to blow in the wind, and I think that's the sentiment that I want to relay, is that the last couple of games haven't unfolded as we would like, but we're in a no blink business. Particularly if we believe in what we're doing and who we've been doing it with. Sometimes you just have to show steely resolve and smile in the face of adversity that the last couple games' results have produced for us." 

Tomlin said after the loss to the Cleveland Browns that a change at quarterback was a "definitive no," and actually spent time complimenting Trubisky's growth during his Week 4 presser.

"All areas," Tomlin said on what's impressed him about Trubisky. "In decision-making, where he's going with the ball, time in which he's making decisions, improved use of mobility - whether it's by schematics or by adlib. Just generally all areas."

The nose from the press room may be loud, but it's not as loud as the fanbase. Kenny Pickett chants filled Acrisure Stadium in Week 2 against the New England Patriots, and now looking at back-to-back losses, it'll be surprising if they don't make their way into the game this week as well. 

That being said, Tomlin isn't upset with the crowd's opinion and welcomes their enthusiasm.

"Our fans are not an issue," Tomlin said. "We love our fans and the enthusiasms that they bring. We're not going to make that a negative. They care and that's an awesome thing."

He also acknowledged the team as a whole feels frustrated with the results of the last two weeks as well. That being said, there's no feel a quarterback change will take place before Sunday - and the team just needs to get back on the winning side of games. 

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"I don't know about the offensive room in particular," Tomlin said on the team's displeasure. "I don't know if it'll diagnose it in that way. We're pretty hacked off that we haven't won the last two games. We realize football is our game and our business is winning, and we have to get back to business."

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