Mond vs. Mills: Which Rookie QB Was Really Texans’ NFL Draft Target?

According to a recent report, the Texans called quarterback Kellen Mond prior to him being drafted just one pick ahead of now-Houston QB Davis Mills.
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The Houston Texans selected Stanford quarterback Davis Mills with their top pick in the recent NFL Draft. But was he really their preferred QB target?

According to one report, the Texans had their eyes set on a different QB at No. 67 but were beaten to him...

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"There was (a) phone call from his agent, text message, and the agent said, ‘Hey, the Houston Texans are getting ready to select (Kellen Mond) at pick 67,’" said Mond’s father, Kevin, per Chris Tomasson

That's right. According to former Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond's father, the Texans were set to take his son at pick No. 67. Of course ... we know now that it wasn't to be.

"So, we’re sitting (at the San Antonio family home) on the couch and (Mond) gets the phone call a couple of minutes later and it’s a team," said Kevin. "Then, when he hung up the phone, he goes, ‘I’m going to the Vikings.’ The Texans had already told his agent they’re getting ready to take him at pick 67. The Vikings happened to have the pick 66."

"It wasn’t supposed to be Mills,” said Kevin. “It was going to be Kellen."

This conflicts with another note from Mark Berman, who reported that the Texans had already called Mills stating intention to take him at No. 67, prior to fellow QB Kyle Trask's selection at No. 64..

"The Texans actually called him a few picks before, before Trask was called," said Mills' sister Ali Mills. "We knew he was in competition with Trask and Mond. We didn't even care when we heard their names because the Texans had already called Davis."

We can get into endless theories about what these conflicting reports suggest. Did the Texans prefer one over the other? Is someone mistaken in their recollection of the moment? Did Houston panic? Was Houston simply covering multiple bases?

Possibly, they were happy with either one of them and simply waited to see who was left at No. 67. Calling anyone at the last second can leave an impression open to interpretation., but calling them both beforehand could simply mean the Texans were staying in touch with candidates.

Down the line, we will at least have the advantage of hindsight to know whether or not they made the right call.

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