Mahomes Touted Bieniemy to Texans' Deshaun

The two quarterbacks discussed Eric Bieniemy and Mahomes explained to Deshaun what would make him a good head coach.
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans got some inside knowledge on a potential candidate from a person who would know him better than almost anyone else. 

Leading up to the NFL interview process, which is still ongoing, QB Patrick Mahomes spoke with Deshaun Watson about Mahomes' offensive coordinator in Kansas City, Eric Bieniemy.

"I’ve known Deshaun a while now and we just talked about coach Bieniemy," Mahomes told 610 SportsRadio's The Drive in Kansas City. "But it wasn't me trying to get him a job or anything like that. I just told him who coach Bieniemy is and what time of man he is what type of coach he is."

Whatever Watson heard, he liked. It has been widely reported Watson would like Bieniemy interviewed for the vacant head coach job in Houston. 

And on the list of things currently upsetting Watson, the lack of an interview for Bieniemy by the Texans is one of them. 

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Mahomes said as the Chiefs go on their playoff run Bieniemy 's work would speak for itself and the "type of man" that his offensive coordinator is will carry him to where he needs to be as a coach. 

When asked if he expected Bieniemy to get a job this cycle, Mahomes said he thought he would get hired. 

"His track record speaks for itself," Mahomes said. "The type of man he is, the way he can control and be a leader of the locker room and the way that he coaches and schemes he brings to us."

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If the NFL doesn't catch on to Bieniemy's abilities and consider him as a head coach, as the Houston Texans have yet to do, Mahomes made it clear what he thinks about doubters of his offensive coordinator and what it would mean if he remains in Kansas City. 

"If he doesn’t [get a job],'' Mahomes said, people are crazy."