Washington Will 'Run Away' From Cowboys To Win NFC East, Predicts ESPN Analyst

Usually - opinions are like ...well, you know. However, the feeling surrounding the WFT one year into a significant rebuild is very different and creating hope
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ASHBURN, Va, -- Surprise, surprise! What a difference a year makes.

Last year at this time, many pundits were projecting a two- or three-win season for the Washington Football Team. 


"Washington will run away with the NFC East,'' ESPN host Mike Greenberg says.

Opinions aren't worth much but they can provide optimism and hope, as this one did. 

What Mike Greenberg says is not going to make one bit of difference but in terms of amping up the fan base -- it means something. ,

However, here's where 'Greeny' does make some sense: He compared the Washington offense to the Dallas defense in his analysis and gave the edge to the WFT. 

That possibility exists.

Greenberg went further by suggesting that the Washington Football defense was better when matched up head-to-head with the potentially powerful Cowboys offense. 

The question will be this: Does Dak Prescott return to his pre-injury MVP type form? If he does, Washington's defense will be pressed big-time. 

The advantage that Washington now has is the Cowboys offensive line - even with Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and La'el Collins coming back from season-ending injury - is no longer where it used to be. Last year, that was noticeable not only in terms of the WFT's pass rush but also their inability to use Ezekiel Elliott to his full potential. 

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Washington largely dominated the line of scrimmage last year in both matchups and if that doesn't change ... the Cowboys won't have a great chance of winning. In that event? Washington could be favored to win both matchups - along with the division. 

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