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Top Line: John Scott inspires Mike Milbury's epic rant; more links


Buffalo's John Scott has become a bit of a lightning rod for scorn of late. (Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images)

John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres is facing NHL suspension.

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• Bucky Gleason counts John Scott and coach Ron Rolston among several Sabreswho have no right being in the NHL in the wake of last night's shameful showing against the Bruins. He also suggests that Buffalo look to Boston if it wants to know how a team should be properly rebuilt.

• Nice job by Harry Scull, Jr., capturing the moment of impact in Scott's hit on Loui Eriksson. This look like a hockey play to anyone?

• Mike Milbury went on target="_blank">another epic rant after the game, arguing that Rolston should be fired immediately for his decision to use Scott. After watching the Sabres play a system-free game, there's an argument to be made there even without invoking the coach's decision to play that clod.

• Joe Haggerty has some postgame reactions from Claude Julien, a semi-update on Eriksson, and a hot sports opinion on the value of Scott.

• Sabres thug Patrick Kaleta got bad news from a judge yesterday. Some day, maybe even in our own lifetimes, he'll get similarly disappointing news from Gary Bettman.

• So, Daniel Alfredsson out, Bobby Ryan in. Guessing the Senators are pretty cool with that this morning.

• The Ducks are happy with their end of the Ryan deal, too. Here's a solid profile piece on Anaheim's breakout star Jakob Silfverberg. How good is this kid? Even the Finns on the team like him.

• The Red Wings have a mandatory off day today. Not sure what was up with yesterday's off day.

• It's been nearly three years since former captain Saku Koivu has played in Montreal. His reunion tonight with the Canadiens and their fans promises to be special.

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• Looming fraud charges have put a crimp in his political aspirations, so Georges Laraque is campaigning instead for another shot at his old job with the Montreal Canadiens.

• Realizing that this might be his last brush with the Finnish Flash, Joffrey Lupulhounded Teemu Selanne for an autograph the other day. It went well.

• Selanne is moving a lot of popcorn these days, too.

• It's a great day for Toronto fans! The Leafs are finally raising a banner at the Air Canada Centre! Wait . . . it's for what???

• The inspirational story of Colorado defenseman Nate Guenin is one that every player who refuses to let the dream die needs to read.

• The Calgary Flames confirmed yesterday that 2013 first rounder Sean Monahan is sticking with the club for the rest of the season. Nice of them to make it official and all, but Monahan's play through his first nine games kind of took the suspense out of the decision.

• The Canucks have to be wishing that they were more patient with their own first rounder right about now.

• It's been 12 years since we've seen a player as hot as Alex Ovechkin is right now. And Katie Carrera says last year's MVP is only now getting back into the groove.

• The Good Times Gang at the NHL has quietly decided that officials should step between potential combatants as soon as they doff their helmets. Great idea, guys. Nothing the paying fans enjoy more than seeing a potential fight defused before it starts.

• Kimmo Timmonen has exactly zero points this season, yet somehow he's ticked off about being booted from Philadelphia's power play.

Martin Brodeur considers himself the backup goalie in New Jersey now. And he's perfectly fine with that.

• Adam Proteau takes a look at the role of the captain within the overall team leadership structure in today's NHL.

• Rory Boylen interviews retired NHL officials Bill McCreary and Don Koharski. Lots of good stuff about how they got started and memorable games, but there was an opportunity missed here to get their take as old-school officials on what appears to be a decline in respect among players.

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