Gritty Knows Exactly What He Doesn't Want for His First Birthday

‘Twas the night before National Gritty Day.
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Somehow Gritty has only been in our lives for a year, and the Flyers mascot is celebrating his birthday milestone as only a big ball of orange fluff with googly eyes that took a nation by storm could. 

In anticipation of the anniversary, Gritty—as humble as ever—put out a call for lavish gifts. So be sure to be original, do your research and don't be cheap when it comes to Gritty's gifts. 

Gritty first appeared Sept. 24, 2018 as the first Flyers' mascot since 1976. Philly fans were not disappointed, and the character quickly became a national icon and treasure. Gritty accomplished a lot in his first year from getting in a fight with Jimmy Fallonthrown a kid in the penalty box and surprised a kid at the hospital. He's also forever changed the way we listen to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.

They grow up so fast.