In Sports, Moms Are The Real MVP's

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Moms always know exactly what to say to encourage us. Olympian Simone Biles said since she was 9 or 10, her mom always sat her down before her meets to give her a pep-talk. Yep, even before Simone won her Olympic gold medals.

Not only do their words move us but they can motivate us with other things like skittles. You read that right, skittles. Marshawn Lynch's mom called them "power pellets" and told him they would make him run fast and play good. 

If you ask me, they really worked! Marshawn Lynch just turned 34 years old still eats his "power pellets". Could this be why the Seahawks may want him back?

Not all moms use skittles for motivation though, some moms choose carrots -thanks, mom. It doesn't really matter what the food fuel choice is because moms mean it with love.

One of the best things about moms is that we can always count on them to support us. They're always on the sidelines, proud of us whether we win or lose. 

I think NBA star Kevin Durrant said it best when he received his MVP award. In his acceptance speech, he dedicated the trophy to his mom calling her the real MVP

Sports Illustrated wants to send a big thank you to all the moms out there! Today's big win is you guys! Happy Mothers Day!