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Stellar, Standard and Subpar: Running Back Travis Levy

A look at a running back who has a lot to offer, the offense will just need to find a way to get him his touches in 2020

The players have returned to campus and we inch closer to the start of the college football season. BC Bulletin will be previewing each player and projecting out their season. In these breakdowns, we discuss what a stellar, standard, and subpar season would look like for them. We are going in numerical order, today we preview running back Travis Levy (who we also listed as one of our Breakout Eagles in 2020).

Travis Levy, a senior has been criminally under utilized during his time at Boston College. In 2018 we saw that he is capable of being an explosive player, when he had a terrific game against Virginia Tech in a big win in Blacksburg. In that game where AJ Dillon was not 100%, Levy rushed the ball only eleven times but had two touchdowns on the ground. He also had three catches for 28 yards against the Hokies and proved to be the difference maker in the Eagles win. 

However last season, Levy seemingly vanished from the offense. He only had 28 rushes the whole season for 103 yards as he was third on the depth chart behind Dillon and David Bailey. However, he did serve as the primary kickoff and punt returner, and provided good consistency at the position. With Dillon gone, and a new system in place, this could be the year that the offense finds a way to utilize Levy and get him the touches and carries he deserves. 


Travis Levy becomes the swiss army knife on the Boston College offense. He plays lightning to David Bailey's thunder, and is used in sweeps and more speed based runs. On top of that he is moved around the line of scrimmage for end arounds, and other misdirection plays. Frank Cignetti Jr. also finds ways to get him the ball through the air as Levy becomes a valuable pass catcher in the backfield. Is responsible for 4-5 touchdowns during the season, one of which is a kick/punt return. 


He is utilized both in the run and pass game, and is a solid contributor, but not a huge game changer. Makes some big plays here and there, playing a complimentary role on the offense. 



Hafley's offense relies on David Bailey and Patrick Garwo, and he goes elsewhere for end arounds and jet sweeps. He gets a few touches here and there, but isn't very effective. It is a repeat of 2019. 

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What kind of season are you expecting from Travis Levy? Leave your comments below!

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