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2014 Philippine Basketball Marathon comes to an end after 120 hours of play

After a grueling 120 hours of competition -- that's five straight days of play -- the 2014 Philippine Basketball Marathon came to end this weekend.

Man, imagine how long the game would've lasted if NCAA referees were used.

The stunt, which surpassed the previous world record for longest basketball game by just over eight hours, finished with a final score of 16,783 (Team Bounce Back) to 16,732 (Team Walang Iwanan). As relayed by The Wall Street Journal, capturing the record wasn't exactly a walk in the park:

Guinness also requires that players do not leave the playing venue for the entire period of the marathon. At one point, two players from Team Walang Iwanan had to play more than five hours with a few minutes break to cover for injured teammates.

Dr. Isagani Leal, a doctor who specializes in musculoskeletal medicine and a consultant for the national basketball team Gilas Pilipinas, said that over the five-day marathon they had to provide intravenous fluid to a dehydrated player, treat a torn muscle and inject anesthesia so players could continue.

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