By Andy Gray
October 10, 2014

Hockey's Best Toothless Smiles

The NHL season is underway and hockey fans have reason to smile. Of course, most of those smiles don't feature two missing front teetch and make you do a double-take. In honor of NHL season, here's a look at Hockey's All-Time Best Toothless Smiles.

Nerdiest Athletes in Sports

From Tim Duncan (and his passion for Dungeons & Dragons) to Heisman contender Ameer Abdullah (who won't shut up about the zombie apocalypse), we compiled the nerdiest athletes in sports.

Tiger Woods in Middle School

Golf Digest uncovered the letter 14-year-old Tiger Woods wrote to Stanford golf coach Wally Goodwin after Goodwin sent him a recruitment letter. And it's pretty much what you'd expect -- kind, courteous and oozing with confidence.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Lucy C. Miller is the latest knockout model from Australia. That country is swarming with LLODs (click here for full-size gallery) ... The 101 best celebrity Instagram pics of the week ... Kirby Griffin remains one of best one-hit SI Swimsuit wonders ... I get a bunch of requests for Kristen Stewart, so for those of you who love her, enjoy. 

Hot Clicks Giveaway

If you didn't watch Fargo on FX, shame on you. It only won the Emmy for Best Miniseries and is the best show on the network besides Sons of Anarchy and The Americans. Lucky for you, the first season comes out on Blu Ray/DVD on Tuesday. And as luck would have it, I have 20 (that's not a typo. I really have 20) Fargo ski hats/beanies to give away. I will send them to the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th ... (you get the idea ... all the way to 200th) person who can tell me the name of the camp I mentioned in the "Be A Good Person Friday" section of this morning's Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "Fargo."

Update (3:40 p.m., Saturday): Contest is closed. Winners will be notified. Big week of giveaways coming up.

The World's Tallest High School QB

Meet Cameron (W. Va.) High School senior Logan Routt, who at 6-foot-11 is the world's tallest quarterback**.

Titans Fans Have a New Campaign

They Don't Do This at SI

Odds & Ends

How do you make Shaquille O'Neal look small? Have him pose next to Yao Ming ... This Patriots fan was arrested, which wouldn't be a huge story if not for all his Pats tats ... Cal alum Scott Fujita accepted free beer in college and doesn't care if the NCAA knows about it ... Alex Ovechkin has an asteroid named after him ... American gymnast Simone Biles does not like bees ... LeBron James is surprised at the criticism he's receiving from former Heat teammates ... The Red Sox are planning to make a run at James Shields ... George Clooney is related to Abraham Lincoln ... NASA may send a 13-year-old girl to space.

The Karate Kid at 30

For the Win has a great interview with Ralph Macchio to commemorate the The Karate Kid's 30th anniversary.  It also uncovered the 1983 audition tapes Macchio and Pat Morita (who played Mr. Miyagi), which are spliced together here and represent all kinds of awesome.

Try That Again

Senators forward David Legwand returns to Nashville for a game against the Predators and accidentally goes to the wrong penalty box.


Eagles Troll Eli

Music Video of the Day

The Who plan to tour North America next summer to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Here's the group performing Drowned in 1974.

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** - I am not 100 percent sure he is the world's tallest quarterback but it makes a good headline. I've contacted my friends at Guinness World Records 2015 to see if they can verify. Stay tuned...

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