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Apparently some NFL fans felt the need to share their thoughts on the Deflategate scandal with federal judge Richard Berman. 

By Extra Mustard
September 09, 2015

Even though it is so, so easy to just send an angry tweet, some NFL fans apparently still prefer to vent by using the old-fashioned method of writing letters.

Richard Berman, the federal judge who ruled last week that Tom Brady’s four-game suspension should be thrown out, released more than 20 letters on Wednesday that he got from NFL fans during the case. It’s great to see so many Americans interested in our judicial process. 

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Some threatened to hit the NFL where it really hurts.

Some praised Berman for providing a check on Goodell’s powers.

Some argued that the Patriots were too good to need to cheat.

Some offered advice for how Berman should consider the evidence.

We’re dying to see the letters the appellate judge gets. 

- Dan Gartland

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