Weekend Hot Clicks: Welcome to playoff season; Happy birthday, Emma Watson!

It's the middle of April, which mean's it's officially playoff season. Plus, happy 27th birthday, Emma Watson! 
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'Tis the Playoff Season

Crystal Ball: Who will win the 2017 NBA Finals? The NBA Power Rankings Playoff Edition and five players facing most pressure this postseason. And in the hockey world, a pair of Canadian teams got huge Game 2 wins on Friday night and the Blue Jackets' Matt Calvert delivered a brutal cheap shot against the Pens.

Jackie Robinson Day

70 years ago today, #42 made his debut. A look back at a timeline of the all-time great's best moments, achievements and plays. And, seven decades after Robinson broke the color barrier, MLB is still facing a problem with African American participation at youth levels. 

April 15

While Robinson's debut is a great landmark, April 15th also is an unfortunately monumental day in history: Abraham Lincoln also died after being shot the night before, the Titantic sunk in wee hours of April 15, 1912 and the Boston Marathon was bombed.

This is so weird

Of all the things I'd do or say to a ref if I had an anger problem, pinching his butt would likely not high on the list. The head of a Tunisian soccer club kissed a referee on the cheek, bit his ear and pinched his butt ... TWICE. He got a lifetime ban.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Happy birthday, Emma Watson! The actress and activist is 27 years old today. (Click for full-sized gallery). 

Fleck goes HARD

Of course P.J. Fleck held an Easter egg hunt (the Elite Egg Extravaganza), during which he awarded a scholarship to a walk-on.

This is so weird (Pt. 2)

An English soccer club didn't do any butt-pinching or ear-biting, but they did get pumped for their match by singing R. Kelly.

Free relief from the kangaroos?

1st of 1,000,000

Good thing he was wearing undies


Odds and Ends

Pitt honoring Dan Rooney with special Steelers/Panthers helmets at spring game ... Gronk's weekend in Vegas looked mildly fun ... Knicks update: They're still a mess ... Matt Kemp wears sweet custom Jackie Robinson cleats ...  ... Shaq is paying for the funeral of the teen who accidentally killed himself on Instagram ... Apparently the Raiders and Marshawn Lynch are not as close to a deal as people thought ... Jay Cutler's former teammate has theory why Cutler hasn't been signed

Maybe avoid the narrow part of the pool next time


Toddler Racing should be televised

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