Friday's Hot Clicks: Yovanna Ventura; Tom Brady Discovers Cure for Sunburns

In Friday's Hot Clicks, we look at Tom Brady finding the cure for sunburns. Plus a look at the lovely Yovanna Ventura.
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Tom Brady finds cure for the common sunburn


Tom Brady has five Super Bowl rings, two MVP trophies and one supermodel wife. Now he's tackling science. According to his new (best-selling) book, sunburns can be avoided by drinking water—lots and lots of water. #TheMoreYouKnow

The Rams and 49ers played the best game of the NFL season

Thursday Night Football is usually bad; so are the Rams and 49ers. But the stars aligned last night as L.A. squeaked by San Francisco in the best game of the season. The game included a successful onside kick, controversial penalties (pass interference, roughing the passer) and a game-ending sack. One thing the game did not have: fans in attendance.

Fittest 50 in sports

SI counted down the fittest 50 men and women in sports, and it's a really sleek package. I'm also kicking myself for not coming up with my own piece on the un-fittest 50 athletes in sports, starting with team captain Bartolo Colon.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Derek from Baltimore wrote in and asked if I can feature Yovanna Ventura again, and I think Derek from Baltimore has great taste in women. Yo is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

Chandler Parsons keeps getting hit on

Chandler Parsons is a professional athlete who happens to be good looking and really rich. As a result, he has many girls hitting on him via direct message. Chandler was nice enough to share some of those messages. It must be nice being Chandler Parsons.

Girl "dates" Michael Jackson look-alike, Twitter goes nuts

Sure, it was all a hoax, but that guy looks exactly like MJ.

Ashley Graham discovers new type of cleavage

You learn something new every day at SI Swimsuit.

Andrew Perloff Has Issues

My good pal Andrew "McLovin" Perloff has a new weekly column for SI with all his crazy (yet not as crazy when you read them) takes. Give it a read. Also of note: Perloff was a guest on Jimmy Traina's latest podcast, and it's a really good listen.

Kevin Durant right now


This is incredible

The SI office enjoys Carl's Jr.'s new $5 value meal

Odds & Ends

If you still haven't seen the viral clip of Lawrence O'Donnell going loco, watch it now ... Think you drink a lot? Check out Ric Flair's alcohol consumption that left him on life support ... A Giants player and a Lions player had a little Twitter spat ... What NFL players eat for breakfast ... I'm a big fan of Colorado State's new alternative uniform ...Daniel Bryan wrestling for ROH seems inevitable at this point ... The Indians can't stop winning (again) ... This is what betting is like in London for NFL games ... Today in the NCAA has a ridiculous double standard ... Uber lost its license to operate in London ... No one cares about the iPhone 8 in Australia ... Find out how rich you’d be if you’d invested in Apple instead of having a child ... Netflix was forced to pull a children's show episode featuring an inconspicuous penis drawing.

Former NFL tight end Joseph Fauria makes avocado ice cream with my friend Ben Eagle

Little guy's got skills

This is terrifying

When news anchors freak out



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