Monday's Hot Clicks: Meagan Brody; NFL Replay Assistant Has Message for Anthem Protesters

In Monday's Hot Clicks, we wrap up a wild Week 10 in the NFL. Plus a look at the lovely Meagan Brody.
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NFL Round-Up


Peter King has a huge column wrapping up yesterday's games. Other items you may have missed: The best celebrations from around the league ... Teddy Bridgewater was emotional after finally returning to action ... This NFL replay official had a message for National Anthem protesters ... The Colts definitely screwed up the Jacoby Brissett concussion situation ... Maurice Harris made the catch of the year ... Walmart made fun of the Falcons ... A naked fan was the highlight of the Bills' day ... The refs messed up this Kirk Cousins touchdown ... Six sacks in one game is pretty impressive ... Vontaze Burfict didn't seem too upset about his ejection ... John Fox had the worst replay review of the season ... LOL Browns ... Cole Beasley went off on a Philly radio host ... Not sure how Marquise Goodman was able to play hours after losing his baby.

How much does Tom Brady charge for a signed football?

The answer used to be $1,000 but prices have gone up. Find out how much a signed jersey, mini-helmet and autographed photo go for as well.

Father of the year

Shaquille O'Neal blew more than $1 million on his daughter's Sweet 16 party.

Meagan Brody is a Boston University grad turned high fashion stylist turned professional model. Solid initiative. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

10 steamiest NC-17 movies you can stream right now

I forgot about Showgirls. That movie is spectacular.

Not all celebrities are awful, disgusting people

With all the sexual misconduct revelations in Hollywood, a Twitter user asked people for examples of celebs being good people. The response was overwhelming.

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Jose Altuve sends J.J. Watt a gift

John Lennon meets The Fonz

Rough joke by our social media department

Odds & Ends

Draymond Green is a fan of Joel Embiid's trash talk ...Evgeni Malkin appears to have joinedAlex Ovechkin's "Putin Team" campaign ... Lonzo Ball had a good weekend ... Which WWE storylines would make the best 30 for 30 ... UCF coach Scott Frost announcing the birth of his son to the team was a great moment ... Josh Beckett partied a little too hard ... Butch Jones is having quite the exit from Tennessee ... Chip Kelly may land in Florida as the Gators' new coach ... Two burgers is healthier than one burger and fries ... The queen of New York gossip has passed away ... New word I learned over the weekend: Podfasters ... The world's strangest natural wonders ... Lyft is making up serious ground on Uber ... I hate when people say something will "give you the feels" but here I am with nothing better to say about this story.

Bills fans are the best

Mookie Betts bowls a perfect game

Heads up!

Conor McGregor is excited

Great moments in hockey pregame rituals

This is not pretty

Silver and Gold

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