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Fans React to Tiger Woods Practicing at Augusta National

On Tuesday, Tiger Woods appeared at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia for a practice round.

The fact that the Masters are just one week away at the same golf course got fans excited that Woods could potentially be aiming to play at the tournament. 

On top of that, his name still remains on the player list since he is a previous five-time winner of the tournament. Even so, this does not necessarily mean he intends on playing at the Masters.

Even the slight speculation that Woods could be returning to golf next week had fans in a frenzy on Twitter.

It would be quite miraculous if Woods makes a Masters start in 2022. Just 13 short months ago, Woods was in a severe car accident that caused him to miss out on almost the entire the 2021 season. He almost lost a leg in the accident, he said earlier this year.

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He wasn’t videoed hitting a golf ball again until Nov. 2021, and then he appeared in the PNC Championship with his son Charlie in mid-December. This remains the last tournament Woods played in.

Returning to a competitive golf tournament after taking over a year break is spectacular in itself, but especially because Woods would be returning to the Masters, one of the four annual golf majors. Coincidentally, the last competitive tournament Woods has played in was the 2020 Masters, which were played in Nov. 2020 rather than April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woods has yet to confirm whether he intends to play the Masters next week.

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