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Francisco Lindor on Being Booed at Citi Field: 'It's Funny and It Sucks'

Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor addressed his being booed on Tuesday night at Citi Field during a 2–1 loss to the Red Sox. Lindor, who signed a massive 10-year deal worth $341 million in March, had one hit in his four at-bats. 

"It's interesting and it's funny and it sucks, it doesn't feel right for sure," Lindor said. "Interesting because this is the first time it happened in my career and funny because I'm getting booed and people think I'mma go home and just think about why I'm getting booed.

"I get it, they're booing because there's no results." 

The Mets are currently 9–9 but still find themselves at the top of the NL East. Against the Red Sox, Lindor was booed when he grounded out during his final appearance at the plate. 

Lindor, 27, was expected to make an immediate impact on the Mets, but he and the team have struggled offensively, which seems to be a growing trend around the league this April. The Mets are dead last in MLB in runs per game (3.0) and Lindor has 14 hits from his 66 at-bats (.212) and one home run. 

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From 2017-19, the four-time All-Star tallied 329 runs in an incredible stretch that had New Yorkers elated when they landed the young star. Mets manager Luis Rojas attributed the boos to the passion of the fanbase. 

“Our fan base is very passionate," he said. "They support our team, and we feel that. It’s something that I think we’ve seen in the past here over the years when guys are going through a little bit of a struggle. But that’s kind of my thought of it. It’s our fan base being passionate as they are, wanting us to perform better to win games. I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll hear a reaction from our fans.”

The boos didn't seem to bother Lindor, but he sounded confident that he'll figure things out at the plate sooner rather than later. 

"I just hope they cheer and jump on the field when I start hitting home runs and start helping the team on a daily basis a lot more than I'm doing right now," Lindor said. 

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