Kyle Lowry has been one of the hottest topics of the NBA season and was likely to be one during the whole trade deadline. Lowry had listed his house for sale, and there were rumors that he wanted to leave Toronto.

Lowry's agent, Mark Bartelstein, says Kyle Lowry does not want to leave the Toronto Raptors. In an interview with Michael Grange of Sportnet, Bartelstein clarified why Lowry's house was on sale and shot down any potential trade rumors. The main reason why Lowry's Toronto house went on sale was because it became vacant during COVID-19.

“He has clearly not told anybody that he wants out of Toronto," Bartelstein said. "Masai and Bobby and I talk all the time,” Bartelstein stated. “You can never put anything in concrete in this business, things change, but there is literally nothing to all this chatter about Kyle wanting out or telling his team he wants to go there. That’s just not true.”

According to Bartelstein, Kyle Lowry does not want to leave the Raptors, and according to league insiders, the Raptors aren't looking to move Lowry either. Both sides of the equation seem to indicate that he will be staying with the team this season. Other teams can inquire, but that doesn't mean anything will happen.

“I really don’t get the impression that the Raptors are moving him or that they’re looking for something to do with him," said a league insider in Grange's article. “I think the climate has changed."

The Toronto Raptors may not be as dominant as they were last season, but they clearly aren't as bad as they were at the start of the season. The team is currently at the 7th seed, and two games away from the 4th seed. What remains to be seen is if they want to add another big piece, or completely move on from the Kyle Lowry Era. With that being said, it seems like the Lowry to the Clippers rumors may have come to a halt.

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