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Magic Summer League Roster: 5 Most Exciting Prospects

There's a mix of rookies and veterans.

ORLANDO - The Orlando Magic released its Summer League roster Wednesday, and there are several intriguing names on the team heading to Las Vegas.

Here's a look at the five most exciting prospects on the roster:

5. Daniel Oturu

Oturu was an early second-round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and played 30 games for the Los Angeles Clippers in his rookie year. He only lasted in LA until the end of the year before being traded, but found himself on a 10-day contract with the Toronto Raptors last season.

Oturu is one of the few players with NBA experience on the roster, and he's projected to get a lot of minutes as a big man. For a team looking to add a big man or two, Oturu could slide his way into a training camp invitation with a strong Summer League showing.

4. Devin Cannady

Cannady has bounced back between Orlando and the G-League affiliate in Lakeland for the past two seasons and should be one of the premier players when the team takes the court in Vegas.

It's rare to see a team stay with a fringe NBA player for this long, so the Magic clearly believe Cannady could be part of the team down the line. He should have the opportunity to showcase his talents with real minutes in Vegas.

3. Caleb Houstan

The Magic's second-round pick in this past draft had to be on this list. Houstan should start right away in Vegas as the team's small forward and should be one of the team leaders in minutes.

It's going to be an uphill battle for Houstan to get minutes on the main roster, and that starts now in Vegas where he'll have a great opportunity to prove why the Magic selected him with a high second-round pick.

2. R.J. Hampton

It isn't often to see third-year pros in Vegas, but Hampton is one of the exceptions. The Magic hope that playing Hampton in Vegas will give him some much-needed development as he enters the most crucial season of his career.

Hampton has 115 NBA games under his belt, the most on the team, so his experience will play a factor. There's a chance Hampton may be on the roster but won't play in every game simply because he's too good for Summer League. That should be the Magic's hope.

1. Paolo Banchero

As exciting as the above four players are, this Summer League should be all about the No. 1 pick.

Magic fans will get to see Banchero with all the lights shining bright on him and the goal is for the Duke top pick to prove why he was drafted No. 1.

In past Summer Leagues, we've seen the No. 1 pick take a backseat in the latter games to prevent injury, and that could be the case if Banchero plays well off the bat.

No matter how much we'll see Banchero in Vegas, it's sure to be a treat for Magic fans.