Mark Ingram paid homage to the veteran receiver who tore his Achilles earlier this week.

By Kaelen Jones
November 11, 2018

The Saints paid homage to new teammate Dez Bryant throughout Sunday's 51-14 win against the Bengals.

"Dez, man. He came up to me right away and he was one of the guys," New Orleans running back Mark Ingram told reporters when asked why players simulated Bryant's trademark 'X' celebration Sunday. "We was all excited about him being a part of our team. Great playmaker, good dude. We all hated to see what happened on Friday, so we just wanted to let him know he's a part of us and we're holding him down."

Ingram scored on a 28-yard screen pass, marking his first receiving touchdown since 2016. He folded his arms, forming Bryant's celebration following the play.

Later, when running back Alvin Kamara scored on a four-yard run, he also threw up Bryant's signature celebration.

"[Bryant] was one of the guys when he came in," Kamara said. "He came in and wanted to play his role and be a part of it."

Michael Thomas also got in on the tribute after scoring at the end of the first half. 

Then several Saints players threw up the X towards the end of the first half.

Bryant, who signed a one-year contract with New Orleans earlier this week, tore his Achilles on the final play of Thursday's practice, knocking him out for the season before he could even make his debut.

Bryant tweeted out appreciation for the tributes.

Seems like there's mutual respect between Bryant and his new teammates.

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