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Five Observations From Day 11 of 49ers Training Camp

Day 11 of training camp for the San Francisco 49ers saw the team practice for the first time inside Levi's Stadium.

Day 11 of training camp for the San Francisco 49ers saw the team practice for the first time inside Levi's Stadium. With Week 1 of the regular season already rearing it's head, the 49ers wanted to get their best look today at what is to come.

Today's practice had a spin to it as it was mostly a full-on scrimmage. Usually scrimmage only takes up half of practice, but today the 49ers made the competition levels high. It surely made for a real treat to observe.

So with that said here are my top-five observations from Day 11 of training camp.

Solomon Thomas is flourishing inside

Never again do I want to see Solomon Thomas play as a defensive end. The comparison to his performance there versus inside is practically night and day. Thomas grabbed himself a couple of sacks against the starters and was having success throughout the entire day at practice.

Whether it was team drills or one on ones, Thomas stood out today and made plays. This is not the first time I have seen Thomas excel. It seems he has his mindset right and is in peak physical shape. He is stronger so he can last longer in the trenches against the bigger body guards and is also quicker. His get off and explosion to beat his man to the spot is what he is best at and he showed that today. 

2020 just may be the year Thomas makes an impact.

Jordan Reed hasn't lost a step

No one knows why Jordan Reed hadn't practiced until this week. The 49ers sure will not tell us. What seemed like a concern for him not practicing now looks like a moot point. Reed has not lost a step out there. His skills as a receiver are still as crisp as ever. Today, Reed was the best looking receiver to me. No one really had much success defending him other than Jason Verrett on the final play of practice. 

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Although, C.J. Beathard was his quarterback and threw the ball behind him. 

I just wish Reed was able to actually run with the starters for more than a few snaps. Either way, Reed is going to be a useful weapon in the 49ers' offense. The mismatches he will get will see him thrive. It is really just all about sustaining his health, so I am banking on his snaps in practice to mirror an actual game. 

Colton McKivitz is 49ers best option at right guard

Get Tom Compton out of there, like, for good! Every practice he is giving up pressure that is going to derail the offense. That is why Colton McKivitz has been seeing a lot more snaps at right guard. The crazy part is that he looks much better than Compton. He isn't a brick wall by any measure, but compared to Compton he is the much safer option.

Best part of all is that he continues to look better and better every practice. His upward trajectory is enough to bank on him as the starter Week 1. It may be a bit of a gamble, but at least with McKivitz there is a chance to have solidification. 

JaMycal Hasty is a sleeper

Running back JaMycal Hasty has officially left an impression on me. Every practice I have been to he makes a couple of impressive plays. Today, he juked a safety out of his shoes that turned a 15-yard gain into a massive one for a touchdown. And that isn't the first time he has had a play like that.

Hasty is going to make it hard for Kyle Shanahan to come to a decision at running back. As of now, I would say he is ahead of Jeff Wilson Jr. who isn't even seeing nearly as many snaps on offense as Hasty. Maybe I am reading too much into that, but all I know is Wilson is hardly getting snaps, while Hasty sees a nice handful and makes use of them.

Emmanuel Moseley ran heavily with the starters

The No. 2 cornerback has been widely debated as to who will be the starter ever since Robert Saleh dubbed it an "open competition". After seeing Emmanuel Moseley get almost all of his reps in with the starters on the 49ers' full on scrimmage day, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the starter. He has just looked the more consistent and polished cornerback out there after Richard Sherman.

What likely is the case is the 49ers wanted to see who would win the spot behind Moseley between Ahkello Witherspoon and Jason Verrett. The edge right now is probably Verrett since he is the king of making plays against the third stringers. I wouldn't waste time arguing who starts opposite of Sherman anymore. I would be completely shocked if it wasn't Moseley week one.