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Will the 49ers win Over or Under 10 Games in 2022?

Can the 49ers exceed their 2021 win total? Or will they regress to less than 10 wins in 2022?

The 49ers schedule for the 2022 season has been out for over a week now.

And like clockwork, predictions for the 49ers win/loss record are being flown out there. It is only natural considering the schedule gives a tease into the future for the season. San Francisco is expected to be playoff contenders once again this season even with a new starting quarterback in Trey Lance. No doubt that they’ll be a fierce outing for any team in the league.

That is why DraftKings sportsbook has set the over/under of wins for the 49ers at 10. Setting the number at 10 is extremely high. Only four other teams have a higher over/under set for them this season. The 49ers won, just barely, 10 games last season, and considering how identical their roster is this season it is likely they are around there again.

So will the 49ers win over or under 10 games in 2022?

It’s definitely a tough one, but I would side with the over. As of right now, I feel fairly confident the 49ers can get to 11 wins. Even with their concerns at offensive line and Trey Lance being a mystery, I still like their chances of being a great team. 

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Now, their strength of schedule is extremely difficult. But that isn’t something anyone should read into at all. Things change as the season progresses. Teams sustain injuries to key players, regress or plateau. Nothing is really notable from the strength of schedule as it always changes.

Besides, the 49ers are certainly going to have a top-five defense yet again. Even the most explosive offenses that they’ll face this upcoming season will struggle. Plus, there isn’t really an immensely difficult stretch the 49ers face this season. 2022 feels like their most balanced season for both tough and easy opponents.

All that is yet to be seen and what they need to be solid is their offensive line. And hopefully Kyle Shanahan doesn’t have the yips with his in-rhythm play calling like he did the first-half of last season. If those can be settled nicely, the 49ers will be in fantastic shape to be able to optimally support Lance and his development as the season goes on.

Personally, I think the 49ers tally 10 wins again this season with a playoff berth. But for this topic, I’d lean more confidently that they can get one more win than one less. 

What say you?