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Shannon Sharpe Declares That Aaron Rodgers in Denver Would Put AFC Top Teams 'On Notice'

How would Aaron Rodgers' presence in the Mile High City affect the AFC's current power structure?

Those fans in Broncos Country eager for news on the future of Aaron Rodgers were disappointed by the MVP's bland "I don't Know" and "we'll see" answers he served up during Tuesday's Capital One's The Match golf event on TNT.

Rodgers' all-access jaunt around the golf course with fellow future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady predictably failed to serve up any bombshells or even notable insights about his plans for next season.

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, Denver Broncos Hall-of-Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe served up an enthusiastic opinion that will certainly set fans' pulse racing when asked on the Undisputed show whether Rodgers could lead his former team back to the Super Bowl.

“Yes absolutely! Whoever you deem as top of the AFC would be put on notice if Aaron Rodgers donned the blue and orange,” Sharpe declared. “There is no question in my mind.”

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Sharpe’s simplistic take that the arrival of Rodgers would immediately thrust the Broncos into Super Bowl contention goes beyond the shock value that Undisputed trafficks in. Rodgers' decision to not opt out of playing this season keeps the trade pot boiling on high heat, and that provides Broncos GM George Paton with a genuine window of opportunity.

Upon accepting the GM job in Denver, Paton proclaimed that he would be in on "every deal" which has made these Rodgers rumors lasting. The rumor mill probably won't stop cranking out Broncos buzz until there's a resolution on the Rodgers front. 

Until that happens, the $28.8 million in available salary cap space Paton has left at his disposal makes the Broncos one of the few viable suitors on the trade market, if the Green Bay Packers ever acquiesce to Rodgers' demands to be traded. 

Mortgaging a grip of future premium draft picks, and maybe a current core player, to acquire Rodgers is the likely cost Paton would have to relinquish if the Packers ever come around. With Sharpe adding his bold take to an increasing din of Broncos fans clamoring for the NFL's reigning MVP, it only turns the volume up louder for Paton. 

However, the GM's hands are tied until and unless Green Bay is willing to play ball. Stay tuned. 

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