Expect To See Full Crowds This Coming Fall At First Energy Stadium

Last season players played in empty stadiums often and it was the new normal. With the development of the vaccine and distribution, fans should be in stadiums before long.
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Cleveland Browns fans will likely be able to pack First Energy Stadium full this coming fall, as long as everything goes according to plan with the battle against COVID-19. After hosting a very minimal crowd last season, the Browns should be back in front of tens-of-thousands of fans before long. The development and distribution of multiple vaccines is the main source to thank.

“While our main focus will always be on the well being of everyone within our stadium. Including players, coaches and of course, our incredible fans. We are encouraged by the current developments related to COVID-19 in our region and hope that we will be allowed to have a full capacity at FirstEnergy Stadium this upcoming season," said Browns Senior Vice President of Communications Peter John-Baptiste in a recent statement.

This statement comes prior to President Joe Biden directing states to have the coronavirus vaccine available to everyone by May 1st. Ohio is on track to meet that mark with just a couple of months to go.

Getting fans back in to stadiums will give a huge boost to money lost during the 2020 season. With the increased revenue in television deals and fans attending the salary cap could largely benefit from stadiums being filled again.

At peak attendance last season the Browns could host 12,000 people, or about 25% of the stadiums capacity. In a season that Cleveland saw a ton of success, it would have meant just that much more if it was a fan-filled atmosphere. Rookies in the NFL did not get to endure large NFL crowds for the most part, it should be a positive twist to their 2021 seasons.

As long as trends continue to go in the right direction, people continue to do what they should - Muni lot should be packed during October Sundays without a doubt. You won’t have to look on the television and hear nothing but artificial sounds and everything will be right.