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'It Never Freaking Evolves': Washington Ex DeAngelo Hall Rips Commanders

The former Washington cornerback did not hold back.

Earlier this week, when free agent cornerback James Bradberry signed with the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles, former Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall wasn't thrilled to say the least.

hall pick

As a Virginia native, former player and radio host, Hall is passionate about the Washington Commanders. Knowing the team had an opportunity to sign one of the top free agents on the market with his connection to head coach Ron Rivera, Hall was frustrated enough to pay a visit to "BMitch & Finlay" on 106.7 The Fan and call in.

“The league is evolving, and I just feel like when I watch this team, it never freaking evolves,Hall said on the radio show. “It stays the same. If you were successful doing something, instead of trying to go back and figure out what we did that worked, what we didn’t do that didn’t work, we just stay kinda stay status quo and think, ‘All right, it’s going to stay as simple as it was.'”

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Washington finished 7-10 last season and missed the playoffs, allowing the most passing touchdowns in the league last season.

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In his NFL career, the former Washington cornerback had 43 interceptions, 10 total touchdowns, 141 passes defended, 11 forced fumbles, and 814 total tackles. He is one of 20 players to record four interceptions in a single game, after he picked off Bears quarterback Jay Cutler time and again during a 17-14 win over Chicago in October 2010.

And Hall was hoping to see some of his magic brought to Washington by signing Bradberry. Now he hopes the team will evolve from their strategies sooner rather than later.