Falcons-Fields Report an Encouraging Sign

The Miami Dolphins are hoping to see a run on quarterbacks at the top of the 2021 NFL draft

It might not mean a thing in the final analysis, but the report that the Atlanta Falcons were planning on attending Justin Fields' second Pro Day on Wednesday should be seen as absolutely good news for the Miami Doplhins.

The report came from SI NFL Senior Reporter Albert Breer, who tweeted that the Falcons were planning on sending the maximum allowed delegation of three officials to watch Fields' workout.

The Falcons will join the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, who Breer mentioned in his Monday Morning Quarterback column as having already indicated they would be in attendance.

It's the presence of the Falcons that's the one that's big for the Dolphins because that team, more than any other, holds the key to what options Miami will have with the sixth overall pick.

It's pretty much a given at this point that Jacksonville and the New York Jets will take quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson with the first two picks, and it's really difficult — actually almost downright impossible — to envision the 49ers not taking a quarterback after surrendering two future first-round pick and a future third-round selection to move up nine spots with that trade with the Dolphins.

That brings the draft to Atlanta at number 4 and the hope the Falcons will be kind enough to take a quarterback or make a trade with a team that would do just that.

That Atlanta is making the point to attend Fields' second Pro Day indicates that at the very least they will be doing their due diligence before dismissing the idea of taking him should the 49ers select a different quarterback, say, someone like Mac Jones.

If quarterbacks indeed go 1, 2, 3, 4 — something that's never happened before — it leaves the Cincinnati Bengals with their choice of all non-quarterbacks in the draft and the Dolphins with their choice of all but one.

That means the Dolphins would be assured under that scenario of landing either the top wide receiver (Ja'Marr Chase), top tight end (Kyle Pitts), top offensive lineman (Penei Sewell or Rashawn Slater) or top defensive player in the draft.

And while we've advocated here for Pitts at 6, Chase certainly would be a nice consolation prize.

If the Falcons don't take a quarterback at 4 or trade the pick, it would surprise no one if their choice ended up being Pitts, which could leave the Dolphins without a shot at a playmaker if the Bengals then decided to follow that up by taking Chase.

At that point, we certainly could see the Dolphins trying to trade back a few spots.

That's why the news of the Falcons attending Fields' second Pro Day is encouraging, because it means they haven't dismissed the idea of taking a quarterback.

And before the Dolphins pick, the more quarterbacks, the better.